My Experience

Software Engineer 
BanqFora (03/2022—current)

I am a core developer on various applications essential to the product, and use web technologies, such as ReactJS and TypeScript to build customer demos and web platforms.

Graphics Software Engineer 
Amador Valley Streaming (02/2021—current)

I developed & manage an end-to-end full-stack system, with VueJS, Express, and TypeScript. to configure and display overlays during live streams.

Co-President + Curriculum Lead 
AV Web Development (11/2019—current)

Introduce student to all aspects of web development, from the frontend to the backend. Lead web application development projects for other clubs and student bodies on campus.

Imaging Lead + Software Engineer 
AmadorUAVs (11/2019—current)

I manage the imaging software stack for use with our coaxial octocopter, Boreas. I'm a core member of the high-school team, earning second place in the international collegiate SUAS competition.

Programming Instructor 
ACE Coding (11/2019—current)

I go to middle schools to introduce younger students to the world of programming; I teach languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, etc.

Web Developer + Media Editor 
Vaishnavi Misra Dance & Music (12/2018—current)

I built and actively maintain the website for Vaishnavi Dance & Music. I also edit videos for social media platforms prior to their release.

Product Engineering Intern 
Meridian Knowledge Solutions (05/2022—08/2022)

I work with testing tools, such as Selenium and TestProject, to write and verify user interface test automation for under-development versions of the learning management system.

Code Coach 
theCoderSchool (01/2022—06/2022)

I introduced children ranging from elementary to high schoolers to the world of programming; in particular, I taught Scratch, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Fullstack Engineering Intern 
Hack+ (12/2020—05/2022)

I worked on the front and back-end of the core platform, Dash, using React and Express. I also led development of the Dash mobile application, with Ionic and TypeScript.

Fullstack Engineer 
My New Liver (05/2020—09/2020)

I built the first iteration of the website, with VueJS, TypeScript and Express and worked closely with the project's founders to directly contribute to its vision & direction.

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